Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Note to Petey Pie, from his part time foster mom

Dear Sweet Petey,...
Last summer when your fostermom asked if you might be able to stay with us for week while they went on Ragbrai, I couldn't help but say , "yes", especially to such a sweet looking boy like you. Even though my experience with any Pointer/GSP pup was very little, your were welcomed into our home. Since Petey coming to our house put us over my husbands" 2 dog limit",....I knew it was up to Pete to make his stay a pleasent one... in which he did with flying colors!!

Even Steve, my husband welcomes Pete ANYTIME he comes to stay ....he's such a GOOD BOY!!

Leanne and I discussed in wonder, MANY times as to why Pete had not found a home, knowing in our hearts that sometimes, it just takes a while before the RIGHT homes comes a long.
There were a few times Pete almost made the trip to a furever home, but for some reason he stayed in Ames .... now we again we know why ... Pete was just waiting for Jeff to fill out an IBR application.... and the rest becomes history ...

Yesterday when Leanne handed over Pete to me, so we could go meet Jeff, and his family, she discovered a penny on the ground, it seemed to shine directly at us, with a gleem of luck,... even on that cloudy day in Iowa,....

Leanne said, " Oh look Petey, it's heads up, buddy,.. it must be your lucky day""!!
I grinned, and said, " I have to agree Petey-Boy", I think your Momma's right!!

As the day progressed, the dream came true,.... Petey has a home!!!!

I wish you all could have met Petey, and know what a exceptional boy he is, every aspect he is a champ!!!
Tears of pure joy fall for Petey - Pie,....this is one of the Happiest times in Rescue I have ever had!!!!

I feel honored to have been a part of this happy ending and new beginning for Pete!!!

from Susan West

Things to be Thankful for....Part 2

Wow, what a happy holiday for me!!! The day after Thanksgiving, my wonderful foster mom took me for a long ride in the car (oh how I love to ride in the car) to visit some folks I had met the weekend before. I really liked meeting them the first time- they have a wonderful yard with big old oak trees...and that means SQUIRRELS! and a really nice house with big windows to let in the sun, and stairs that make a neat noise when I run up and down them. Anyway, the people there were very nice too, and Mom and Dad said they wanted me to come and stay with them. I am not sure I really understood that, but I liked Jeff and his mom and dad, and there were fun toys, and all sorts of things to do, so I was cool with it. So we got there, and mom took me out with everyone in the backyard, and I got to see squirrels right away- can't get much better than that. Jeff's dad and his brother in law had worked into the dark on Thanksgiving to put in a fence to keep me safe at their house. Pretty cool!

Jeff is a great person, who is in a wheelchair and unable to walk for any long period of time due to an accident six years ago. He loves hunting, and dogs, and is home all day with me so that I won't ever be lonely. He has a wonderful daughter, who has always been scared of dogs, until she met me...and now she doesn't want to leave me when she visits! Jeff's sister has two kids, who visit often - I really like kids, they are so gentle! On nice days I get to be hooked up to Jeff's wheelchair and take him for a foster mom thinks I had it in me all the time, and have just been training with her to do this (something about pulling when I wanted to be out front or something...) When I am really good, Jeff's mom gives me a kong filled with chopped apple and peanut butter....Yummy!

How lucky am I, to have been rescued so long ago from the cold farmland in northwest Iowa, and treated so well by so many people that cared for me...the man who took me to the vet and got me healthy, the nice lady named Donna who saw my potential and contacted my foster mom...and my foster family...I will never forget my long time there, and their care and training to prepare me for my forever home....and I know they will always remember me, and be glad that I have such a wonderful new place, with people of my very own, even while they will be a little sad...Mom always said that things happen for a reason....while we can't always see it at first, looking back, it all makes sense.....And now I know it's true.

Pete, it was wonderful knowing you, and I am so glad you are in Iowa, so that I can come and visit you!!! See you next August, if not before that Petey Pie!!! Love, your foster mom

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Stayed Tuned for Some BIG News,....

My Foster Mom has some BIG NEWS to tell,....
stayed tuned,....

See,.... I Can Do It!!! TOO!!!

Just Like a REAL Bird dog!!!

It's Me Pete,.. In Action!

This is Me and Maggie.,she's and English Setter,...

so many squirrels,.. so little time!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things to be Thankful for....

It sure doesn't get much better than this....70 degrees in November in Iowa, and kids who love to pet me....the only thing that would be better, would be to have my forever home!!!

Pete's wishlist for his forever home: A family who will take care of me, and let me love them. Kids would be great, because I really like kids, but it's not a deal breaker : ) A nice soft bed to lay on at night. Daily walks, visits to the dog park, and some new friends! And if there is anyplace that is 70 degrees all the time, that would be good too! There is lots more that would be enjoyable, but these would be the highlights!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Exclamation Pointer!

This is what Pete looks like every afternoon around 3:15....just waiting to see all the kids walking home from school....Isn't that an almost perfect exclamation point on his back?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Pete!

I thought I should get some new info up on Pete since it has been awhile...

The Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Pete!

10. Always well behaved - he knows what is the right behavior for outdoors and indoors.

9. Quick to learn. He has learned several things while while in foster care, Pete is SMART!

8. He loves to be where you are...very much a people oriented dog!

7. He enjoys long walks and jogs...get's along great with other dogs.

6. His big brown eyes will tell you exactly what he is feeling....and he has an awful lot of Love and Thanks to share!

5. Pete could be an agility dog...he has graceful jumps, and loves to walk through
and over things! He is quite an athlete.

4. He puts himself to bed around 9:15, and sleeps til 7! No early morning stuff for Pete!

3. In the morning he will sneak up next to you in bed, and rest his head on your shoulder- or head- just as long as he is close! And he usually gets a belly rub out of the deal!

2. His sighs and groans when he is all settled in just make you smile.

1. Pete's Happy Pointer Tail is unbeatable! He is always ready to welcome you home! Even if you just took out the trash!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Fun in the fall like weather!

Today was a great day! It was a great temperature for being out in the sun....Mom was out doing yardwork, so I got to go outside (with Maddie and Rugby of course) Maddie keept busy chasing bees, flys and other things that only she sees, and Rugby found a nice warm spot for a nap. Being no fool, I climbed right up on the chaise lounge in the back yard and watched while mom cleaned up the yard....The wind was blowing a lot, so leaves were falling, and there were lots of interesting smells coming through. I thought it was just a great day for being outside and enjoying the sun and smells! (of course, being the good pointer that I am, I followed mom when she went to get the camera to get a picture of me enjoying HER chair!!! so you will have to use your imagination)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Agility Hound

WOW! Pete has some agility mentioned in previous posts. One of Pete's most favorite things to do is to jump a door in our garage (about 30" tall) He gets great enjoyment out of jumping over it, and then waiting to be told to come back to the other side. This week we decided to push that a little further. We have a kids play house/slide in the back yard that is one of the plastic type toys. There is a platform on the top for the "fort", which the slide comes off of, then a house underneath. The platform is probably 30" off the ground. Pete will now jump to the platform on command...this morning he actually crawled up the slide to get there. He is so proud of himself once he gets there too.....maybe we will try the teeter totter next!